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Posted by Admin on May 4, 2021
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Intempus Adds HOA Management to its Growing List of Services

San Jose, California, Date 05/15/2017 – Intempus, the Bay Area’s fastest growing property management, real estate, and construction company, is proud to announce the introduction of new services that will allow Intempus to better attend to the needs of all clients. The Intempus HOA Division was formed last fall in response to the growing needs conveyed by the diverse community in which the company resides.

“Our approach, featuring new services and benefits, will open up a world of possibilities to HOAs. Our clients will have access to offerings such as comprehensive financial administration, in-house and responsive maintenance teams, and project management for larger construction or capital improvement projects,” noted Eugene Korsunsky, President of Intempus.

Intempus’ HOA services allow for seamless business management. Korsunsky conveyed the benefits clients receive from utilizing the services, “By adding HOA services to our portfolio; we are empowered to do a superior job of managing our properties by eliminating the middleman. This will give our clients immediate access to exceptional HOA management, and many services that traditional HOA management companies cannot offer.”

The ever-evolving roles Intempus plays in the real estate world provide great advantages to the company’s clients. Through offering a wider range of services, Intempus has become a go-to for all aspects of property management. Michael Khesin, CEO of Intempus, conveyed his eagerness to better serve the Intempus community with the introduction of HOA services, “We couldn’t be more excited about expanding our business through HOA management. With our HOA management solution, we can provide the most cost-competitive and service-focused offering in the industry. We look forward to continuing the development and introduction of new technology and tools that will enhance efficiency within the HOA management industry, and provide massive value to our clients.”

The Intempus HOA Management Division began operations in September 2016, and is currently accepting leads. Interested parties can inquire about the HOA Management Division, and the services offered, by contacting Intempus at (408)748-7592 or

About Intempus

Intempus is one of the fastest growing property management companies in Santa Clara County. The company has doubled in size each year due to their dedication to professionalism and trustworthiness. Intempus offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial property owners, including property and HOA management services, unparalleled property

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