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Cleaning Check List


✔                Wash marks, food, oil etc. from walls & ceiling as needed *see cleaning tip below

✔                Wash exterior/interior of all cabinets & drawers *see cleaning tip below

✔                Clean exterior surface of cook top, control panel, drip pans, burner rings & polish chrome.  If possible, lift up cook top and thoroughly clean underneath the burner area.

✔                Clean interior/exterior of oven incl. racks, broiler pan & control panel.  Leave no residue from oven cleaner.

­­­✔                Clean range hood and remove all grease/oil. Clean vent screen & replace.

✔                Clean interior/exterior of refrigerator, polish chrome, clean foot guard/grill below, vacuum underneath and carefully roll out and clean floor beneath, if room clean/dust back area.

✔                Clean counters, if tiled clean grout use small brush & grout cleaner.

✔                Clean sink & polish plumbing fixtures/faucets.

✔                Clean inside edge dishwasher door, exterior panel & around control panel

✔                Wash floor incl. around baseboards, if tiled thoroughly clean grout w/brush



✔                Wash marks, hair spray, hairs from walls & ceiling as needed (check door as well)

✔                Clean toilet, tank, seat & around the base

✔                Clean tub/shower, tile, grout & tub/shower enclosure.  Remove all mold/mildew, soap scum and hard water scale.  Polish tub fixtures and chrome work. *see cleaning tip

✔                Clean counters, if tiled clean grout w/brush & grout cleaner.

✔                Clean sink and polish fixtures/faucets.

✔                Clean interior/exterior of cabinets/drawers, medicine cabinet & mirror.

✔                Wash floor incl. around baseboards.



✔       Vacuum draperies & dust  rods.

✔       Wipe clean w/damp cloth mini blinds & verticals.

✔       Vacuum carpets.

✔       Sweep/vacuum hardwood floors, damp mop & dry w/towel.

✔       Remove all cob webs, dust etc. from walls, ceilings & corners

✔       Wipe clean all baseboards & door casings.

✔       Wipe all doors as needed to remove dust & dirt and fingerprints.

✔       Clean all light fixtures thru out + porch & patio lights.

✔       Clean/vacuum window tracks, remove any mildew, mold and clean framework.

✔       Clean interior/exterior of all windows (no streaks!) .  Carefully remove screens & brush off dust etc. and place screens back in windows.

✔       Spot wash walls as needed.

✔       Wipe clean all switch plates & plug plates.

✔       Clean fireplace (if applicable).

✔       Sweep off porch/entry and clean exterior of entry door and remove cob webs/dust.

✔       Sweep garage floor, patio or balcony if applicable. Wipe down any garage appliances left w/property.


Cleaning tips that work!

  • TSP and Simple green work very well to clean grease & grime and oil stains in garage/driveway.
  • CLR works great to remove hard water scale in kitchen/baths (try on shower doors!)
  • Clean does a good job on cabinet/wall/door washing and for stubborn stains lightly use soft scrub on painted surfaces only do not use abrasives on natural woodwork it will scratch.
  • Shower patrol does a good job on tile/grout w/stiff brush
  • Steel wool cleans aluminum framework around windows and most shower doors.
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