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How to Prepare for a Final Walk-Thru Inspection

Dear Tenant,

The intent of this letter is to help you prepare for a final walk-thru inspection. Moving alone
takes a lot of time and energy. It gets exhausting and stressful and time runs out fast! The
sooner you get started the better.

Your security deposit can be used towards cleaning & damages. Of course normal wear and tear
is anticipated and expected. However, dirt, dust and grime are not normal wear and tear!
Please review our inventory and condition that we filled out together when you moved in. We’ll be
referring to it when we do our final walk-thru inspection.

Ideally we’d like to have the property given back in the same good clean condition that was given
to you. Keep in mind that the new tenants expect the property to be clean and ready to move-in
when they arrive.

We would like to take this opportunity to go over some cleaning procedures with you listed on the
following pages. A good cleaning job takes time and effort. The average time spent is
approximately 15-20 hours or more! See cleaning checklist included .

We very much appreciate a job well done and would like to thank you in advance for all your
efforts and preparation. If you think you will need outside help, we’d be happy to help you
make any necessary arrangements. Think ahead , good cleaning services are booked up 1-2
weeks in advance. All we ask is that you do your best and avoid any “last minute” unexpected
cleaning. Please be aware that we will charge a $50 booking fee.

A little word of advice, many cleaning services are not detailed and thorough and the job ends
up with call backs or costing you more money and time. Before you pay them, go thru the
cleaning checklist to verify they have done the job you hired them for.

When you are ready for the final walk thru inspection, please contact us at (408) 730-0445 to
schedule an appointment. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime.

Moving in/out of a home probably is when the most damage can occur!!

We hope that you have enjoyed being our resident and wish you all the best wherever you make
your new home.


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