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Property Management Services

Property Management Servecies


The growing demand for rental properties by real estate investors has led to the growth of Property Management companies. While several companies may offer their property management services – we have earned our reputation as a top-tier asset management company in the industry. So, what sets us apart from our competition? We offer comprehensive services that can take care of all your property management needs. Our full-service plan offers the best property management solutions. It includes, but is not limited, to the following:


  1. 24/7 Rental and Maintenance Support:

We strive to serve our clients, and this means we try to accommodate their tenants. When the rent is due, we ensure that tenants can make their rent payment at any hour of the day, without any hassle. We offer support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Our team remains reachable at all times. We also have routine inspection and maintenance schedules that are duly followed. In the advent of a complaint by a tenant, we remain available to listen to their issues, and then take swift action in response.


  1. Professional Maintenance Team:

To improve tenant ratings, the rental property must remain well-maintained. A well-maintained property requires repairs, safety checks, and regular cleaning. We ensure that we offer the best Property Management Maintenance for your residential buildings. This helps boost your tenant ratings, builds your reputation, and improves your tenant retention rate.


  1. Property Syndication to Over 200 Sites:

Property syndication involves promoting your property on different internet channels. With access to well over 200 organic websites, we can ensure that your property remains at the fore of market relevance. When your property remains relevant to the rental market, it attracts the best quality tenants. With these ad placements on several websites, you can be confident that there is a steady influx of potential tenants that will rent your property within a short amount of time.


  1. Licensed Property Managers with Real Experience:

We want our clients to work with managers and agents who have plenty of experience in their field. To ensure that you work with someone qualified – the property managers you will work with are licensed and have at least three years of relevant experience in Property Management. They have the experience needed to coordinate and supervise building maintenance, resolve tenant complaints and concerns, and make sure that your property remains well-maintained.  Their skills also extend to advertising, negotiations, sales, and dealing with complex situations. With this unique skill set, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.


  1. Advanced Lead Capture Software System Developed In-house:

Property management companies must take advantage of software that makes completing their tasks more efficient. To remain a step ahead of the game, we have developed our own lead capture software. We utilize our advanced proprietary lead capture software to improve potential tenant communication. By using this tool, we can establish secure and efficient collaboration with tenants – from the earliest stages of the business relationship. As a result, we are able to secure qualified tenants faster  – which leads to an increase in annual income for our clients.


  1. Motivated Leasing Agents Ready to Showcase your Home:

As a property management company, we want our clients to receive the best possible service from us. So we make sure that our leasing agents are eager to enable prompt rental of your home, and to the best-qualified tenant. The motivation of our real estate agents is bred from dedication, an enviable work ethic,  and the zeal to see to our client’s interests.


  1. Dedicated and Enthusiastic Office Staff:

Our office staff strives to live up to the values of our company. They take ownership of their role and remain committed to our vision. We value teamwork – and our staff consists of team players, that work together with ease and efficiency. They are fully engaged and entrenched in ensuring the best results for all parties.


  1. Professional Photography and Editing:

Aesthetics remain important when it comes to people choosing their homes. Our sight remains the fastest means of perception, and can heavily influence the choices we make. To make sure that your potential tenants see the best possible version of your property, we create amazing photos and virtual tours. The right kind of picture, combined with the right editing, will be able to showcase your property in a very appealing light.



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