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The Benefits of Owning Rather than Renting

Jul 01, 2022
If you buy a home, you may find that the benefits of owning rather than renting far outweigh what you’ve imagined. [more]
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Best Property Management

Top 4 Marketing Strategies For Property Mana...

Jun 24, 2022
  It takes time and effort to run a property management company. Not only do you have to keep up with the prop [more]
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Stockton Property Management

Jun 22, 2022
  Choosing a property in the beautiful city of Stockton is a worthwhile idea thanks to the beautiful environme [more]
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Modesto Property Management

Jun 13, 2022
Are you thinking about renting out a property in Modesto, California? If so, it would be our pleasure to talk with [more]
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San Jose Property Management

San Jose Property Management

May 10, 2022
  Intempus Realty is a San Francisco Bay Area real estate brokerage company specialized in San Jose  Property [more]
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Property Management in San Jose

Best Property Management in San Jose

May 08, 2022
Intempus Realty specializes in the best property management in San Jose for residential investment properties. We p [more]
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San Jose property management

4 Critical Reminders for Screening New Tenan...

May 05, 2022
  Trying to find the perfect tenant hidden in a pile of applications can be a stressful task for many San Jose [more]
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