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Stockton Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 22, 2024
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Choosing a property in the beautiful city of Stockton is a worthwhile idea thanks to the beautiful environment, high appreciation rate, and other factors. For your convenience, Intempus Realty is happy to enlighten you on Stockton property management and potential real-estate needs. 

We’re a professional real estate brokerage company that understands Property Management in Stockton. With several years of property management experience and training under our belt, we’re able to provide high-quality services to investors and potential property owners, ensuring you make nothing but informed decisions. 

Intempus Realty understands what you need thanks to our team of professionals with skills tailored toward providing effective property management services. We currently manage over 300 properties: condos, townhouses, apartments, and family homes. 

We aim to provide satisfactory property management services to your Stockton investment and ensure you experience a low vacancy, high tenant retention, and expected investment property income. 


Expectations as your Stockton Property Manager

Choosing Intempus Realty as your property manager in Stockton rewards you with the following benefits:

  • Management of all property repair and maintenance services 
  • Supply accounting services 
  • Property appraisal and assistance in determining the optimal rental rate
  • Management of move-ins and move-outs 
  • Employ proven marketing strategies to attract high-value tenants 
  • Processing and handling of tenant applications 
  • Collecting rent payments
  • Tracking and initiating all annual safety inspections 
  • Extend to you our low property management fee, but no management fees are collected when a property is vacant

As seen from our offerings, we aim to bring you success with little to no inconvenience to your schedule or finances.


Your First Stockton Property Evaluation Meeting

Our first meeting regarding your Stockton rental property aims to discuss goals and propose the best rental rate for your investment. That factor is essential as we ensure your price presents the most realistic amounts, maximizing your potential monthly rental fees.

Furthermore, our assessments may recommend improvements and repairs geared toward improving the overall Return On Investment (ROI). We’ll also inform you of important rental policies worth adopting and offer their benefits and disadvantages. Some of these options include smoking and pet restrictions, limiting the number of unfortunate incidents.

Our experts will install a lock box to ensure your Stockton Property remains secured while we manage the asset. You’re guaranteed safety and a hassle-free property evaluation with Intempus Realty. 


Marketing Services for your Stockton Property

Upon completing the essential property management paperwork, your asset is ready for marketing and accommodating tenants. Fortunately, as experts, we have various steps that ensure prospective occupants understand that your building is available for rent. 

These steps include:

  • Ensuring your property maintains a visually appealing condition 
  • Prepare your property for showing. 
  • Prepare a property write-up alongside well-taken photos
  • Initiate effective marketing strategies in every necessary outlet
  • Employ social media marketing, flyers, signs, print publications, and e-flyers 
  • Inform multiple Stockton Property realtors that your property is on the market
  • Alert high-quality tenants via partnerships with Google, eBay, Apple, etc. 
  • Provide rental applications compliant with legal requirements to prospective tenants

Recommended Tenant Application Process for Your Stockton Rental Property

Having high-value tenants implies that specific people aren’t allowed to lease your property, necessitating prospects to complete a detailed application. With this application, Intempus Realty can effectively screen each interested individual and then supply you with the information to select which tenant occupied your property. 

We’re proud to mention that our screening process is thorough since it consists of background, credit, and reference checks. We’ll also contact previous employers and landlords for each applicant to ensure you make an informed decision. So remember, you’re part of the decision-making process.


Intempus Handles Move-ins for Your Stockton Property 

Once you’ve decided which tenant is permitted to use your Stockton rental property, Intempus will monitor the move-in process thoroughly. Also, until we receive confirmations on the security deposit, your property will remain open to the market, allowing us to eliminate spontaneous and unnecessary vacancies.

It’s worth mentioning that our legal team will present each tenant with a binding lease agreement to sign. This document will include realistic terms and conditions regarding your Stockton Property, and we’ll ensure the tenant understands them before signing. 

After the tenant signs the legal document, we will proceed to collect the first rent of the month alongside proof of the renter’s insurance. In addition, each tenant will receive briefings about our Intempus Property Management Tenant Portal and provide a login for optimal communication. 

Remember, your property stays active on market listings until the deposit is received at our offices. Afterward, Intempus and the tenant will perform an inspection of your Stockton Property and secure a signed Statement of Condition. 


Intempus Handles Move-outs for Your Stockton Property

On the other hand, Intempus will also handle move-outs if your tenant decides to relocate. This process involves a detailed inspection for overall property assessment, and afterward, you will receive a report on the current condition. 

If repairs are needed during the move-out, the cost will be deducted from the security deposit, with the remainder returned to the tenant. Next, Intempus will clean the property, rekey the locks, make any necessary upgrades, and place your Stockton rental back on the market.


Collecting Rent for your Stockton Property

Intempus requires all tenants to pay rent on the specified date, ensuring payments are received on time. Although we make efforts to collect payments on time, situations arise where tenants exceed the given date; fortunately, we have methods for collecting overdue payments. 

The method involved contacting the tenant about their overdue payment and making arrangements to have them paid alongside late fees. We also distribute notices to pay or quit, ensuring that occupants know our policies. 


Conducting Annual Inspections of your Stockton Property

Property assessments are necessary to ensure your asset looks while occupied or awaiting tenants. Fortunately, Intempus provides annual inspections for your property as part of our management services. 

This activity ensures we actively find and rectify issues such as code violations, safety hazards, damages areas, lease violations, and more. In addition, we always provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings after completing a thorough interior and exterior inspection. 


Bookkeeping for your Stockton Property

Intempus delivers on its promises about providing worry-free services, and one of such offerings is proper bookkeeping. Our professional team of accountants will cover the numbers aspect of your investment, so you don’t have to. 

Intempus Realty offers the following bookkeeping services:

  • Make payments like mortgage, insurance, and HQA dues on your behalf. 
  • Record all credit and debit transactions 
  • Provide comprehensible cash flow statements
  • Present you with the necessary tax documents 
  • Provide tax deductions available for your rental property. 


Intempus Maintenance Hotline for Stockton Property

It’s worth mentioning that Intempus Realty will provide you and your tenant with a 24-hour hotline to convey any repair-related emergencies that may arise. We’ll also provide your property with an effective maintenance plan, ensuring that problems end as quickly as they arise. 

We have a team of in-house maintenance experts who will be your general contractors for repairs. Our estimates for repairs come quickly, and our professionals ensure to rectify the damage on their first visit. 

However, if the issue leads to us hiring external contractors to rectify the issue, our professional will supervise and manage the process until completion. Alongside our management services, we also:

  • Prepare preliminary cost estimates
  • Maximize your rent income via recommendations 
  • Secure multiple independent bids for larger projects
  • Employ gardening services if required

Living in Stockton, CA

Choosing a property in Stockton is worthwhile Since this is a beautiful city on the San Joaquin River in California’s Central Valley. In addition, the location is popular for its beautiful attractions, such as the Haggin Museum featuring fine art and local history displays, the Oak Grove Regional Park, which has trails, a nature center, and a lake stocked with catfish. 

Stockton currently has a population of 311,103 (2020), making it one of California’s largest cities. Education in these areas is also significant as it possesses multiple institutions like Humphreys College, San Joaquin Delta College, and the University of the Pacific. 

Places like the Stockton Empire Theatre and the Bob Hope Theatre make a living here pleasurable. Both are popular for their entertainment like live concerts, stand-up comedy, musical performances, and even classic activities like jazz and ballet. 


Contact Intempus Realty Today

Intempus Realty is popular for delivering impeccable property management to the Stockton real-estate community. We prioritize our clients and aim to maximize their assets for peak Return on Investment (ROI). 

Intempus has the tools, the methods, and the workforce. All that’s missing is a call from you. Contact us today.


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