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Edenvale Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 14, 2024
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At Intempus Realty, we specialize in Edenvale property management services. Our team, from our executives to our contractors, have years of experience managing properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in knowledgeable hands.

When we work with you, we tailor our services to your individual needs, whether you’re a landlord, a homeowner, or an investor. No matter your situation, our goal is always to keep your property maintained and rented, so you can relax while we preserve your investment.

It’s an Edenvale Property Manager’s Job To…

  • Appraise your property to establish a rental rate.
  • Advertise towards quality tenants.
  • Manage the application process.
  • Supervise and organize the move-in and move-outs.
  • Provide accounting services, including the collection of rent.
  • Oversee inspections and maintenance repairs.

Step 1: Initial Edenvale Rental Property Evaluation

We’ll meet you at your property where we can appraise and evaluate the home, and discuss the specifics in regard to rental rates and guidelines you’d like to place within the lease. We’ll also provide you with suggestions that can add value to your investment, and of course we’re available to answer any questions. Additionally, we’ll install a lock box.

Step 2: Get Your Edenvale Rental Property Seen

Marketing is a crucial aspect of property management. Before we get started, we’ll clean your property and make any remaining repairs. Then we create a marketing package using professional photos and a property write-up that sells. We use our specialized strategies to target the tenants you want to live in your home. Your property is then featured on over 200 rental websites, blasted on social media, and advertised more traditionally with signs, flyers, and publications. We have developed excellent working relationships with local realtors who often jump at the opportunity to recommend an Intempus-managed property.

Throughout the marketing process, we’re available to show the property seven days a week. Anyone who is interested in renting is provided with a legally binding application.

Step 3: Tenant Application Process for Your Edenvale Rental Property

We take tenant screening very seriously. Each applicant receives a background check, a credit check, and we contact their references. After a thorough investigation, we share the application pool with you to make a final decision.

Step 4: Tenant Move-In for Your Edenvale Rental  Property

Your property will continue to be advertised until the tenant has provided a deposit.

Our legal team draws up a legally binding lease that includes the mutually agreed-upon start of the lease. At the signing, an Intempus Realty representative will review the guidelines and terms of the lease with the tenant. We’ll also take the first month’s rent, and verify the tenant has purchased rental insurance. All paperwork is triple checked to ensure accuracy. At this time, we also provide the tenant with login information for our Tenant Portal website.

Next, we go to the property for one last inspection, and we’ll get the client to sign a Statement of Condition.

Step 5: Rent Collection for Your Edenvale Rental  Property

You sit back and enjoy your direct deposits; we’ll do all the chasing down of rents. Our office will be responsible for accepting all rents by their due date. If rent does not arrive, we will check with the tenant to make arrangements for payment, including any applicable late fees. Tenants who continue to avoid imbursement will be sent pay or quit notices.

Step 6: Annual Inspections for Your Edenvale Rental Property

Each year, we thoroughly inspect your entire property to ensure it is being properly cared for. After each inspection, we report back to you with any necessary repairs, or safety hazards or code violations that need to be handled.

Step 7: Accounting for Your Edenvale Rental

One of the most tedious tasks of property management is accounting, but don’t worry because we have it covered. We make all payments on your behalf, including HOA fees, mortgage payments, and insurance payments. We keep track of all expenses with detailed reports at various intervals throughout the year. During tax season, we give you all the paperwork you need to file your taxes, plus give you handy tips about deductions you may qualify for.

Step 8: Maintaining Your Investment for Your Edenvale Rental Property

We try to prevent surprises by planning regular maintenance before things break, but of course, you can’t plan for everything. We operate a 24-hour repair hotline, so your tenants can always get a hold of us, and we can handle emergencies efficiently.

Anytime you need a repair; we’ll keep you appraised of any cost estimates. Our network of trusted contractors is full of highly skilled and carry all necessary licenses and insurance to get the job done professionally. For smaller jobs, we have a team of Intempus specialists ready who provide services for lower rates. During repairs or renovations, we’re there to handle every question, and we supervise closely to ensure a proper job every time.

Step 9: Tenant Move-Out of Your Edenvale Rental Property

When the tenant is ready to leave, we oversee the entire process, starting with an inspection to determine the property condition. We give both you and the tenant a full report, and then provide the remaining deposit to the tenant, minus any repair costs. Your portion of the deposit can be forwarded to you, or we can hold onto it to be used for the necessary repairs. We then clean the unit, and make any repairs or upgrades. After, we re-key the locks and go back to Step 1!


Edenvale was named for the biblical garden because of its beauty and fertility. The high proportion of row houses and attached homes give Edenvale its unique charm. Many of the medium to large single-family homes were built between the 70s and the 90s, and the majority of the working population is in executive, management, and professional occupations.

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