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Best Property Management Near Me: What to Look for

Posted by Admin on May 4, 2021
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Many property owners ask the question, “What’s the best property management near me?” The answer to this question lies in a number of attributes that define the property management companies that offer the highest quality of service at the right price point – all the while protecting the value of your property.


As a property owner, you want to get the most from your real estate investment while not having to worry or pay too much. Working with the best property management company in the industry  is the easiest, stress-free way to accomplish this.


Across the U.S., real estate and rental markets vary in supply, demand, and other factors. So, when looking for the best property manager for your needs, you want one that is an expert in the industry itself and one that knows the specifics of your local rental market.


What do the best property management companies do?

Before we look at the qualities that the best property management companies have in common, let’s talk a little bit about what professional property management companies actually do. A professional property management company works on behalf of the owner of a property, whether it’s commercial or residential, to help maintain the overall value of the property as well as ensuring that it consistently generates revenue.


To achieve those goals, the property management company will have a range of responsibilities, including marketing the property to potential tenants, screening tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, handling emergencies, and more. It’s an all-encompassing set of responsibilities for a high-value asset. Thus, you don’t want to leave the job up to a firm that isn’t best in class.


To find the perfect best management company for your property, consider the following list of qualities. These attributes set the the best property management companies near you apart from the rest of the pack.


1. The best property management company is an established expert.

Anyone can claim to be a property manager. This doesn’t mean they have a high level of experience in the industry. This is one reason why third-party assessments of property management companies are so important. 


One organization that conducts independent assessments of property management companies to determine which are the best in the industry is Three Best Rated. Three Best Rated assesses businesses by implementing a comprehensive 50-point inspection process. This thorough analysis determines the best three providers of a service in a specific service area. Property management companies are one of the types of service providers that Three Best Rated assesses. 


A company’s experience in a given industry is an important factor when it comes to how well they serve their clients. 


Factors that Three Best Rated uses to assess the best property management include:

  • The property management company’s ownership history
  • Years in business
  • Whether or not the company has relevant licenses and permits
  • The full range of services the company can provide to property owners and tenants


In the category of property management companies with the most experience, Three Best Rated found Intempus Property Management’s 15 years of experience to be a key differentiator from other firms. 


In addition, the fact that Intempus has been under the same ownership since the company was founded also contributes to a high experience score. Furthermore, Three Best Rated reviewed the amount of assets that Intempus Property Management manages, which is valued in hundreds of millions of dollars, and this also contributed to Intempus receiving a high experience score.

2. The best property management company has an unblemished reputation.

Another important rating factor to look for in the best property management companies near you are those that have an impeccable reputation. 


To assess leading property management companies, Three Best Rated looks at a number of factors related to the company’s reputation. These include testimonials, reviews on other third party websites, as well as tenure of clients relationships.


Again, Three Best Rated placed Intempus Property Management in the top three of the best property management companies based on Intempus’ reputation score.


3. The best property management company regularly receives five-star reviews from clients.

Direct reviews from clients are critical in separating the best property managers from the mediocre ones. 


This is another area where the independent review firm Three Best Rated looks to determine which are the best companies in a given area. As a part of this, they analyze the reviews and ratings on independent, third-party sites, such as Yelp,, and Google. 


Again, Three Best Rated found Intempus Property Management to be one of the most respected property management companies because the organization consistently get stellar reviews from clients. 

4. The best property management companies use social media to interact with clients and the public. 

As part of their analysis, Three Best Rated reviews the social media profiles of property management companies. They study the comments and other activities on the part of the public, in addition to how the property management company responds.


When assessing the social media profiles of hundreds of property management companies, Three Best Rated gave Intempus Property Management top scores for responsiveness on social medIa and positive interactions with their followers and the public. 

5. The best property management firms are available and responsive to clients.

Another area that’s important for delivering high quality service in the area of property management is responsiveness to client needs. This is an important differentiator between the best companies and the mediocre ones. 


Three Best Rated looked at property management companies’ operating and business hours. In addition, they considered how property owners and tenants can get help in the event there are emergencies. 


One detail that Three Best Rated looks for to gauge availability to clients is to see if the property management firm has a chat feature on their website, which makes it easy for clients and tenants to get help. This is another area where Intempus came out as one of the best in the industry.


An examples of Intempus’ willingness to help and be responsive to clients was underscored in a public review on Yelp. The reviewer said they were “flailing about, juggling multiple contractors, insurance, tenants, and the current management company desperately” and then a member of the Intempus team stepped in “like a magician,” the reviewer said, “and just started putting things back on track; pushing things along and moving things forward as needed; he expertly handled all aspects of the highly stressful and chaotic ordeal for us. He even went head on and tackled an issue we had with the current management we used at the time.  He really went above and beyond in proving to us that he really would take care of everything for us-every detail and aspect of rental management and more.”


6. The best property management firms offer discounts, incentives, and highly competitive pricing.

Having a great reputation and providing excellent service are undoubtedly important, but if the service comes at a price point that doesn’t deliver ROI for the client, it doesn’t make sense to use them. This is why Three Best Rated also considers pricing when evaluating the best property management companies.


Three Best Rated gave Intempus Property Management high scores in the area of offering competitive pricing for the following reasons:

  1. Offering low prices compared to other leading firms
  2. Offering client incentives
  3. Offering client discounts 
  4. Providing lower prices for a range of high-quality services


7. The best property management firms provide a variety of services to clients. 

The types and range of services that a property management company offers to both property owners and tenants also factors into what differentiates the best in the business from all of the others. After all, a company with a deep expertise in property management can offer a full spectrum of services.


Three Best Reviews gave Intempus Property Management high scores in this area as well. Services that Intempus provides to both property owners and rental tenants include:

  • Residential property management
  • Commercial property management
  • Building and appliance maintenance
  • Architectural and interior design services
  • Maintenance requests that can be ordered conveniently online
  • Online rent and bill pay
  • Other personal online account services
  • High-quality customer service
  • Financial and operations management, including managing accounts receivables and collections, financial reporting, escrows, refinancing, investment property management, and more
  • Leasing services

 8. The best property management firms make it easy, convenient, and hassle-free for clients to have their needs met.

It goes without saying that the best property management company will be the one that makes a property owner’s life easier and more stress-free. Again, this is where Intempus was found to be at the front of the pack. 


Intempus receives top scores in these areas related to customer convenience:

    • Offering a high-level of specialization and expertise serving property management clients
    • Offering a wide range of both standard, unusual, and VIP-level services
    • Responsiveness to clients on the phone and online, so they never feel ignored and get their needs met promptly


Are You Looking for 5-Star Property Management? 

As a top-rated property management firm, Intempus Property Management has been serving happy property owners and tenants for over 15 years. Our goal is to help property owners get the most from their real estate investment and to have a worry-free experience. We also pride ourselves in helping tenants find the perfect place to live. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or rent a property, contact us. One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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