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Spring Super Bloom in South Bay

Posted by Admin on April 17, 2017
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The arrival of spring sunshine in Bay Area Parks brought along the cheery news of a major wildflower bloom, called the “Super Bloom”. This once-in-10-years burst of wildflowers painted the Southern Californian desert in March with breathtaking fields of white, orange, yellow, purple and red, leaving hikers and photographers around the country in awe.

It’s Bay Area’s turn now. The moist winter that fared California’s extreme drought goodbye is now expected to bring Bay Area preserves and parks rich supplies of wildflowers as warm weather and sunshine start showing face. Patches of purple lupine, orange poppies and bright yellow mustard flowers have begun springing along the backyards, freeways and hiking trails of Northern California.

Naturally, huge crowds of people are expected to visit the region to take in the beauty of spring and its wonders. If you wish to be one of them, following are some of the best spots you should know about around the Bay Area in order to thoroughly enjoy the wildflowers when they reach their peak:

Mount Tamalpais State Park, North Bay

Just ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge lies the Mount Tamalpais, which is a fortress for ecological protection, and where wildflowers blossom along the never-ending hiking trails. It is suggested that you take the 2.7-mile hike to Cataract Falls. However, to really get a bird’s-eye view of the blossoming fields, take the 4.7-mile trek to Temelpa Trail.

Lake Merced, San Francisco

In for a mesmerizing view of thick clusters of flowers? Then take a mile-long hike along the Sunset and Horseshoe trails, situated east side of the lake. If you take the 4.5-mile Lake Merced Trek, you can easily tour the whole lake and also enjoy the view of isolated wildflower pockets.

Presidio, San Francisco

Take the 2.4-mile hike across the Californian Coast Trail for your sightseeing pleasure.

Mount Diablo, East Bay

Situated more than 3000 feet above sea level, Mount Diablo allows you a view that you cannot find anywhere in East Bay. Take the 7-miles Falls trail loop to witness the indigenous flowers with their soft-colored regalia. It is suggested you come here for your trekking sessions with proper water supply, as the water stations in the area are sparse and quite distant from one another.

If you do make it to the Super Bloom, remember to take lots of pictures. If you’re interested in rentals in San Jose, or San Jose Property Management, call 408-320-5509 to speak with us for a free quote!

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