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The Top Interior Design Trends for Spring 2017

Posted by Admin on April 12, 2017
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2016 was a year of different interior design experiences, from hygge to copper fittings, and more. However, as the year wound down, so did the popular trends, only to make way for new and improved colors, happy motifs and mixed patterns. So, kiss 2016 trends goodbye and prepare for a brighter year ahead with these top interior design trends for spring 2017:

Bright Green

There is no better way to welcome spring than to paint your house a cheery shade of green. You will find this color rocketing to the top of many interior design lists in 2017. The “Greenery” is meant to represent rejuvenation and refreshment, something we can all benefit from after the cold, wintery weather.

Foldable Rooms and Appliances

As more people struggle to save space, 2017 is the year where interior designers embrace tucked-away appliances and fold-up rooms to economize on some precious space. Features, such as folding hoods for kitchen islands, and even whole kitchens that are foldable, will appear. There are stools that you can fold into the shape of a book, and engineers in Seoul are working on developing outdoor parks that you can fold easily as well.


Cork is making a major comeback, and many property managers San Jose are recommending their clients to invest in houses that incorporate this material. Not only is cork stylish, but also adds texture and warmth to spaces, and is perfect for absorbing noise, especially in open, large plan homes.


Homes with nooks and small spaces to get a break are getting popular. People need a place in their home where they can get away from all the devices they use throughout the day. As people tend to spend a majority of their time in front of different screens, there is a greater desire to create personal spaces in our lives that are free of all the digital distractions.

Keeping this in mind, an increasing number of homeowners are asking interior designers to create safe havens where they can retreat, even if they simply want to lazily scroll through their Twitter feed in peace. Relaxed materials and furniture will follow, including comfortable sofas with linen slipcovers, chunky rugs, and oversized love seats.

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