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California Wondrous Parks

Posted by Admin on May 26, 2017
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If You Live in California, You Have to Visit These Ten Wondrous Parks Right Now

We live in a beautiful state! It’s a state full of mountains, beaches, forests, and deserts. A state populated with majestic birds, whales that visit our coast – and it’s all just a car ride away from your San Jose rental.

So, hop in your car and get ready for an adventure!

1. Sequoia National Park

You can either spend your weekend binge watching shows on Netflix, or you can take a drive to Sequoia National Park. While the park does offer plenty of hiking trails with once-in-a-lifetime views, you don’t need to get out of your car to be wowed. The roads in Sequoia National Park showcase the stunning beauty of nature, with vistas that highlight mountainous cliffs, pretty flowers, and it all creates an indescribable sense of wonder. So, gas up, and get lost as you poke around one of the most glorious places in the nation.

2. Kings Canyon National Park

If you’re going to drive all the way to Sequoia National Park from your San Jose rental, you’ve got to check out Kings Canyon National Park while you’re in the area. The adjoining parks both create a sense of fantasy with their hard-to-believe wonders, but they offer very different views. Kings Canyon National Park makes you feel very small in the best way possible. You’ll feel humbled by the way the mountains wrap around bodies of water that are so inviting – yet not meant for humans to wade in. Don’t forget your camera!

3. Lassen Volcanic National Park

In addition to being an idyllic setting with mountains and lakes to take in, Lassen Volcanic National Park also has some exciting hydrothermal features that make the park stand out from the rest. You’ll be able to see geysers, mud pots, and steam vents throughout. Just make sure you pay attention to signs and stay on marked trails, as the volatile ground can be dangerous when proper caution isn’t used.

4. Yosemite National Park

Ask most Californians about their favorite place to spend time in nature, and without hesitation, they’ll say Yosemite National Park. This beautiful spot is just a three-hour car ride from your San Jose rental, and it’s completely worth it. You’ll be treated to waterfalls so magnificent that they almost seem unreal, and the hikes you take among the giant trees will create some of your fondest memories.

5. Big Basin Redwoods State Park

We offer property management services in San Jose, so we couldn’t make this list without adding Big Basin Redwoods State Park. It’s just a little over an hour’s drive from your San Jose rental, and you’ll have access to surfing and swimming spots, plus tons of horseback riding, hiking, and biking trails. The park offers visitors a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

6. Channel Islands National Park

You’ll need more than a car to get to Channel Islands National Park from your San Jose Rental. Planning ahead is very necessary, but those who are diligent enough to make the effort are handsomely rewarded with quiet access to beaches and nature. To enjoy the islands, you’ll need to take a boat or plane for the last leg of your trip. You’ll want to come prepared with everything you need for your stay, as there are no 7-11s in the park.

7. Joshua Tree National Park

So far, you’ve heard about beaches, mountains, and volcanic activity – but California has a great big desert out there! Even if hanging outdoors isn’t your thing, a trip to Joshua Tree National Park will leave you star struck – literally. The night sky is the biggest draw, as visitors are treated to their very own show each time the sun goes down. The lack of light pollution plus the vastness of the desert is the ultimate combination for astronomy enthusiasts.

8. Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

People come from all over the world to check into the serenity that can be found at Big Sur. When you visit the area, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is a great place for hiking and camping, and the views are stunning. Nearby, you’ll also find some luxurious places to spend the evening, restaurants that leave you craving for another plate, and fun activities – like the chance to take a dip in the hot springs at The Esalen Isntitute.

9. Pinnacles National Park

Our local team of professionals offering property management in San Jose knows the fun that can be had at Pinnacles National Park. It’s so close to San Jose, and it’s unlike all the other parks found in California. Pinnacles should be your pick if you like the thrill of rock climbing or exploring the underground segments of caves.

10. Humboldt Redwoods State Park – Avenue of the Giants

Last, but perhaps one of the coolest places in California, is Humboldt Redwoods State Park, home of the Avenue of the Giants. These enormous trees will make you feel like you’re in a whole new world. They put life in perspective, and it’s the perfect place to take a Sunday drive. There are plenty of stops along the road at which you can pull off to explore.

Buckle up! You’re ready to hit the road and explore one of the most diverse states in the nation!

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