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Menlo Park Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 4, 2024
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Does your Menlo Park Property Management company take care of maintenance, move-outs, move-ins, and more? Our team of property management experts at Intempus Realty provides big-city services with a small-town feel. We are proud to offer ten years and counting of hassle free real estate brokerage services. As Menlo Park property management experts our services are customizable to cater to unique needs and produce the best results. Whether you are a landlord, homeowner, or investor our goal is to provide comprehensive services that make your investment worry-free.

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Here are 5 things your Menlo Park property management company should be doing for you.

  1. Property Evaluation Meeting
  2. Market your property to maximize rent value and obtain quality tenants
  3. Handle the Application process, move-in, and move-out
  4. Payment collection and bookkeeping
  5. Yearly Inspections and maintenance

Intempus Menlo Park Property Management is your full-service management company specializing in:

–       Real estate management

–       Acquisitions

–       Relationships

We strive to become your long-term trusted property management partner and your one-stop-shop for:

–       Residential property management

–       Commercial property management

–       Real estate sales

–       Investment

–       Construction

As Your Menlo Park Property Management Company Experts We…

–       Appraise property to determine the rental rate

–       Provide targeted marketing to eligible tenants

–       Manage the application process

–       Supervise and manage move-in and move-out

–       Rent collection and accounting services

–       Manage inspections and maintenance services

Here are nine things our Menlo Park property management services provide for you!

1. Property Evaluation Meeting

Our property evaluation meeting is one of the first steps towards helping you get the highest rent for your property. At your convenience, we will meet with you at the property to take a tour together. During our property evaluation meeting we:

–       Determine an appropriate rental rate

–       Discuss pros and cons of guidelines you may want to include in your lease such as smoke, pet restrictions, etc.

–       Suggest repairs or improvements that could help maximize the value of your property

–       Install a lock box to help us safely maintain your property

2. Menlo Park Rental Evaluation Meeting

Properly marketing your property and spreading the word on over 200 rental websites is part of our proven process to get you the highest rent. After completing our property evaluation meeting and signing paperwork we:

–       Clean the property thoroughly from top-to-bottom

–       Complete last minute repairs

–       Take professional pictures

–       Create property write-up

–       Utilize multiple marketing channels to spread the word (social media, print publications, flyers, etc.)

–       Alert local realtors of the new listing

–       Obtain high quality tenants (we have partnered with top tech firms to help ensure high quality tenants)

We are available seven days a week to show your property to prospective tenants. A thorough application will be provided to applicants to help us make an educated decision on prospective tenants.

3. Handling The Application Process for Your Menlo Park Rental

For every applicant we perform a variety of checks to help you make an educated decision. Some of the checks we perform are:

–       Background check

–       Credit check

–       Reference check (former landlords and employers used as references)

Once we have completed the screening process we present the gathered information to you to make the final decision.

4. Move-In Time for Your Menlo Park Rental

Now that you have selected a tenant we can begin arranging the move-in. Your unit will remain listed on the market until a security deposit is received from the chosen applicant. This helps us eliminate any avoidable vacancies.

Prior to moving in our legal team will provide a binding leasing agreement that may include terms and guidelines specific to your property. We will review the details of the agreement with the tenant to ensure they understand the terms. Once the agreement is signed we:

–       Provide tenant login information for our easy to use Intempus Realty Tenant Portal

–       Collect the first month of rent

–       Verify the tenant has procured renters insurance

–       Walkthrough the property with the tenant and sign a Statement of Condition


5. Menlo Park Payment & Rent Collections

Payment due dates will be specified in the lease and collected throughout the tenancy. We always do our best to collect on-time payments but do have procedures in place in the event a payment is overdue. If a payment is overdue we will be in contact with the tenant to make payment arrangements. Late fees can be enforced. If necessary, we dispense pay or quit notices.


6. Yearly Inspections for Your Menlo Park Rental

Performing a yearly inspection helps us determine:

–       Safety hazards

–       Code violations

–       Lease violations

–       Repair needs

After completing our inspection we will provide you with a detailed report documenting our findings.

7. Bookkeeping for Your Menlo Park Rental

Our team of number lovers are available to handle accounting needs for your property. We offer property management accounting services including:

–       Making payments on your behalf

–       Record keeping of all credits and debits

–       Detailed reports at increments throughout the year

–       Provide necessary documents for you when it is tax time

–       Suggest tax deductions you may qualify for


8. Menlo Park Property Management Maintenance Services Available 24-hours

Surprise repairs for all parties involved are never fun so we do our best to avoid them. Each property we manage has a detailed preventative maintenance plan to help us avoid surprise repairs. For the unforeseeable emergencies and surprises we provide you and your tenant with a 24-hour repair hotline. Our goal is to resolve problems as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Value and quality are at the top of our concerns for maintenance.

We offer a trusted network of contractors that work together with our in-house team of maintenance professionals. Throughout the process of repairing items we will get you estimates as quick as we can. We also supervise and manage the work while it is being done, acting as your general contractor.


9. Move-Out for Your Menlo Park Rental

When lease terms come to an end should your tenant want to move-out we manage the process. At this time we perform a thorough inspection of the property and generate a detailed condition report for you and your tenant. If there are any damages you will find them estimated on the report. At this time we return the remaining balance of the security deposit, minus any fees for repairs. Once the tenant has moved out we:

–       Clean the unit

–       Complete any necessary repairs

–       Re-key the locks

After these steps have been taken we are ready to start our proven process over again to find your next quality tenant!

Menlo Park

Located in San Mateo County at the eastern edge you will find the charming community of Menlo Park. As a part of the Bay Area, Menlo Park is filled with diverse communities that each have their own unique charm to offer. It’s a great place to call home for an enjoyable lifestyle, career, families, and everything in between. Menlo Park is considered one of the most educated cities in California. Just about 70% of residents have earned a degree and the unemployment rate is typically below 2%. Menlo park is proud of its title as a Tree City USA. Scattered throughout local communities there are more than 10,000 trees!

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