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Seven Trees Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 4, 2024
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We’re a real estate brokerage, set in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in Seven Trees property management services. Our many years of experience within the industry, along with our great knowledge about the area, makes us the perfect firm to provide management for your Seven Trees investment property.

We have a diverse portfolio of properties assisted, and our services are customized to fit your needs. Our mission is to let you sit back and relax, while we manage all the headaches that come with investment property ownership.

What Services Are Included in Your Seven Trees Property Management Packages?

  • Evaluation of property and rental rate determination
  • Targeted marketing towards qualified leads
  • Management and supervision over the application process, and move-in and move-out
  • Rent collection and accounting
  • Annual Inspections
  • Management of maintenance services

What Happens at the Property Evaluation for Your Seven Trees Rental?

We tour your property, taking notes along the way. At the end, we will talk to you about your property goals, make suggestions about repairs that will get you the best return, go over any rules you’d like to set in place for your property, and suggest a rental rate. Afterwards, we’ll mount a lock box, so we can keep your unit safe while obtaining the necessary access we need to manage the property.

What’s the Marketing Process Like for Your Seven Trees Rental?

To ensure you get high-quality tenants, we do our best to display your unit in the greatest light possible. We clean the unit from top to bottom, fixing any repairs along the way. Then, we send a photographer and writer in to create a marketing package. This marketing package, filled with a write-up and photographs, is blasted on social media sites, hundreds of rental websites, and through publications. Local realtors also take note anytime we list a rental, as they know their clients will be pleased with our services.

We make ourselves available seven days a week to show your property, and we provide a legally binding application to interested parties. For your benefit, we continue to market your unit until our office has received a deposit.

What Happens When People Apply to Your Seven Trees Rental?

We take every application and do serious research in order to provide you with an abundance of material so you can make an informed decision about your tenant. Our application process includes a background and credit check, and we personally call all references in order to determine rental history and employment.

How Does the Move-In Process Work for Your Seven Trees Rental?

We draw up a lease that fully protects you and your investment, and review that and the rules of your property with your new tenant. We’ll check to make sure the tenant has gotten renter’s insurance, and accept the first month of rent. As part of our services, your tenant will also have access to our Tenant Portal. We’ll provide them with a login during this meeting. Next, we’ll go to the property to create a Statement of Condition, which will be signed by your tenant.

Who Handles the Money for Your Seven Trees Rental?

We do. All you do is sit back and wait for your direct deposit.

We accept all rent payments, and contact anyone who is overdue. We’ll apply late fees when warranted, and send pay or quit notices when necessary.

We are also available to handle any payments related to your property, including mortgage, taxes, and insurance. We keep and provide you with detailed statements of all your debits and credits. During tax season, we give you all the paperwork you need. We will also suggest deductions.

Who Handles the Maintenance for Your Seven Trees Rental?

We do! We like to plan ahead, so your property will have a plan of preventative maintenance. We fully inspect your property each year. We make a list of necessary and suggested repairs, along with code violations or safety issues. We share these with you, and they become part of the plan.

Of course, you can’t plan for emergencies, so we offer a repair hotline that’s available to your tenants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When repairs are required, we contact you with estimates and discuss your options. We have trusted contractors, and a team of qualified professionals, who offer great value. Anytime you have a big project; we will get multiple bids so you can make the best decision for you. No matter the project size, our management team acts as a general contractor, supervising throughout the process. Gardening is another aspect we manage.

What Happens When the Tenant Moves Out of Your Seven Trees Rental?

One of our most meticulous team members inspects your unit, taking note of damages. We send a complete report, including repair estimates, to you and the tenant, and we give the tenant the remaining portion of their security deposit. Then, you have two choices; we can either forward the rest of the security deposit to you, or we can put it towards the necessary repairs. After we clean the home and complete any upgrades, we put your investment back into the rental pool – starting the process all over again!

Seven Trees

Seven Trees is primarily made up of small to medium sized single-family homes and apartment complexes built in the 70s through the 90s. The residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters, and a majority of the working population is employed in the sales and service, manufacturing and labor sectors.

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