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San Jose is the Third Happiest City in the US

Posted by Admin on March 13, 2018
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Welcome To San Jose, The Third Happiest City In The US

WalletHub recently surveyed over 180 of the largest cities in the US, and while Fremont ranked #1, San Jose was not far behind, being named the third happiest city in the country.  In the survey, cities were rated on 28 indicators of happiness, including depression rate, income-growth rate, and average leisure time spent per day, to name a few.

According to the results, the beautiful Bay Area weather also played a role in San Jose’s superior ranking, so it comes as no surprise that Oakland and Santa Rosa were also included in the top 25 happiest cities.

The original report from WalletHub even states, “Location plays a hand in how bright or gloomy our days are.  For years, researchers have studied the science of happiness and found that its key ingredients include a positive mental state, healthy body, strong social connections, job satisfaction and financial well-being.”  Of course, these are all factors that are heavily impacted by where we physically spend our time.

As WalletHub states in their article, the goal of this survey is to prove that moving from one city to another can have a significant impact on an individual’s overall happiness.  That being said, we won’t be surprised to see the housing demand in the Bay Area increase as more people start looking to call San Jose their home.

Read the full report from WalletHub here.


Landlords, Take Advantage Of The Best Property Management In San Jose

Of course, in addition to factors like beautiful weather and outstanding career opportunities, the abundance of safe, beautiful homes and rental properties also has a major impact on our city’s overall happiness.

That being said, we take great pride at Intempus in providing the best property management in San Jose.  In fact, we assist landlords with every aspect of property management, from choosing and screening tenants to inspecting and maintaining properties, all at an affordable rate.


Learn More About Intempus Property Management In San Jose

Whether you already own property in San Jose or you’re an investor looking for a new opportunity, Intempus is fully prepared to assist you with all your property management needs.  We work with both residential and commercial real estate investors to provide the best property management services in the area.  Please contact us today for more information!

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