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Intempus Comes Out Swinging In Indy

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2019
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Indianapolis, IN
—In the last nine months of the year, new-to-town Real Estate Portfolio Management firm, Intempus, had quite a successful end to 2018.   Following the company’s most recent transactions— through which Intempus’ s Portfolio Management division acquired over 200 units valued at a combined $9M— Intempus has celebrated acquiring a total of 400 units this year in the Indianapolis market.

In its latest growth spurt, Intempus expanded its portfolio to include both Park Forest Apartments and The Jeffersonian Apartments, with these deals respectively consisting of 100 units worth $4.8M and 112 units worth $4.2M.  Owner Eugene Korsunsky said of the growth, “We’re excited and bullish on the Indy market; we see great potential growth and stability in that economy.”

Given the company’s already-successful track record in its California home, Intempus’ aggressive growth in Indianapolis should come as no surprise.

In fact, the firm aims to keep pushing forward and hopes to expand its Indianapolis portfolio even further to include at least 1,000 units before 2020 (which will mark 3 years’ time since Intempus originally expanded its operations to Indiana).  And considering the momentum Intempus has already picked up, it’s safe to say this company is more than capable of reaching its goal.

About Intempus Property Management

Intempus has provided premier property management, realty, and construction services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 2005.  The company, which prides itself on a strong dedication to client satisfaction, expanded property management services to Indianapolis, where it has continued to see tremendous success.  For more information on Intempus’ services, please visit or call (408) 748-7592.

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