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How to Get In Front Of HVAC System Challenges

Posted by Admin on November 19, 2021
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If you own rental properties in California, your number one goal is probably to keep your costs down to increase your profit margin. Most investors know the importance of maintaining home systems, but many don’t fully understand how to stay ahead of HVAC damage, especially in an area like California, where the demand for air conditioning is generally relatively high.

Below, we’ll be discussing some of the more common HVAC problems in California and some maintenance tips for preventing them. We’ll also offer some information on which issues should have you looking for an HVAC tech in California immediately.

Common HVAC Issues In California

With average temperatures ranging quite a bit across California, some areas will experience different problems with HVAC systems. Below are the most common issues that occur throughout most of the state.

Poor Air Flow

One of the most common problems reported by tenants in California is poor airflow. This can occur for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is a clogged filter. In certain parts of California, smog is an issue that can quickly lead to filters clogging with debris. Even where smog isn’t a problem, tenants in some areas run HVAC systems almost continuously, which puts filters at an increased risk of getting blocked.



If you get a call from one of your tenants that the HVAC system is barely blowing air, your first step should be to replace the filters. If the issue isn’t solved, head outside and ensure that the condenser isn’t blocked by trees, bushes, flowers, leaves, or other debris. If it isn’t, you may have a more severe issue on your hands and should call in an HVAC technician.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent This Issue

As you can probably imagine, the best thing you can do to prevent poor airflow in your rental properties is to make quarterly visits to each rental to swap out the filters and clear the area around your outdoor unit. Make sure to use the correct filter, as some will reduce airflow too much, fail to solve your issue, and put more strain on your HVAC system’s blower motor.

Insufficient Cooling/Heating

Another common problem reported by tenants in California is no heat or cool air. Many property managers find that this issue is reported most often in the summer in California because the excessively high temperatures throughout the state put a lot of strain on the equipment to keep the living area cool and comfortable.

This can be a frustrating and expensive fix. It can be caused by blockages in your air filters and debris around your condenser, so you should check those first. However, if your issue occurs in the summer, a clogged condensate line is more likely.

You can opt to clean the condensate lines yourself, but it’s best to have an HVAC expert do it for you to ensure you don’t damage the equipment.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent This Issue

Replacing filters and keeping your condensers free of debris might help reduce the frequency of this problem, but routine maintenance from an HVAC technician two to four times a year is the best option. They will clear the condensate line each time they come and ensure that it never gets clogged or backed up.


Finally, many property managers are inundated with HVAC outages, especially during the blistering summers in California. Some cities, like Needles, Death Valley, Sacramento, Bishop, Redding, and Fresno routinely experience summer temperatures well in excess of 90 degrees. Most tenants throughout the state, especially in hotter cities, will put extreme stress on your HVAC equipment to keep their apartments cool.



Your HVAC system relies on several motors to maintain a comfortable living space, and each of these will eventually break down under constant demand if they aren’t maintained. The worst part is, there is little property managers can do to fix an HVAC outage other than contact an HVAC repair company.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent This Issue

However, HVAC outages are generally preventable, so you can avoid having to scramble to service your equipment in the dead of summer if it goes out.

Scheduling preventative maintenance once every few months is the best way to avoid outages and severe damage to your systems. Your HVAC repair technician will not only clean your equipment but will also replace broken or frayed belts, replace any parts that may fail in the near future, lubricate moving parts, and replace air filters for you. Your system will continue to work as efficiently as possible, reducing the risk of outages and also helping to reduce your utility bills in the long run.

Wrapping Up: What to Do If an HVAC Repair Is Needed

If you manage properties in California, chances are you’ll run into HVAC issues on a somewhat regular basis. The intensely hot summers and the cool winters in some areas throughout the state mean that most tenants will be using their HVAC equipment to cool or heat their living area constantly. Your system will be put under intense stress to perform and will eventually fail or get damaged.

If you do need repair, your best bet is to contact an HVAC repair specialist. It might be tempting to do some DIY HVAC repair to save money on labor, but the equipment is both intricate and delicate, so any error could end up costing you thousands in repairs. It’s almost always a better option to leave HVAC repair to the professionals and save yourself the headache and repair costs of mistakes.

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