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Posted by Admin on December 9, 2015
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Property Management Acquisition

A+ Property Management Acquisition

(San Jose, CA – December 9th, 2015)

San Jose, California, Date – Intempus, one of Santa Clara County’s fastest growing property management companies, is set to take the lead with the company’s recent acquisition of A+ Property Management expanding Peninsula portfolio by 25%.  The acquired company serviced the high-end markets of Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, and Los Altos.

Michael Khesin, CEO of Intempus, noted the special opportunity of obtaining such a valued business, “This acquisition will establish our presence and help get our name out in an exceedingly competitive market. We were fortunate to complete this acquisition with such a highly respected and professional company as A+ Property Management. The reason why A+ chose to pass on their more than 30 years-worth of quality relationships to Intempus is because our two companies offer many similar, customer-centric approaches when it comes to property management and the highest quality level of service. At this point, we’re fully integrated and streamlined to handle the increased workload.”

The acquisition, which was finalized on May 1, 2016, greatly expanded Intempus’ portfolio in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Palo Alto areas – swelling the company’s property management portfolio by 25%. In order to keep up with demand, Intempus restructured its property management team.

“We’ve put together a dedicated team for each area of service. This allows us to provide efficient, high-quality, and cost effective property management services to all of our clients, no matter where their property is located. These additional resources benefit all of our customers, not just those who come to us from A+,” explained Eugene Korsunsky, Intempus President.

To inquire about Intempus’ acquisition of A+ Property Management, or any of the property management services available, contact Intempus at (408)748-7592 or

About Intempus

Intempus is one of the fastest growing property management companies in Santa Clara County. The company has doubled in size each year due to their dedication to professionalism and trustworthiness. Intempus offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial property owners, including property and HOA management services, unparalleled property marketing to help owners get the most out of their investment, and maintenance, so owners can rest easy knowing their investment will last.


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