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Palo Alto Property Management

Posted by Admin on March 1, 2022
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View towards Palo Alto, Stanford and the towns of south San Francisco bay

Intempus is a San Francisco Bay Area real estate brokerage company specialized in Palo Alto Property Management.  With over 10 years of property management experience, we are able to provide via our local offices the top quality property management services for your Palo Alto investment property.

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We are local area experts currently managing a portfolio of over 300 family homes, townhouses, condos, and apartments in San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is worry-free management of your property with low vacancy and high tenant retention.


  • Evaluate Your Property and Help You Determine the Optimum Rental Rate In Your Market
  • Market Your Property to Attract Highly Qualified Tenants
  • Manage the Tenant Application Process
  • Manage and Oversee Move-In and Move-Out
  • Collect Rents
  • Track and Initiate All Annual and Safety Inspections
  • Provide Accounting Services
  • Contract and Oversee All Maintenance and Repair Services

Initial Property Evaluation for Your Palo Alto Rental

  • Meet at the property to discuss goals for the property and suggest an optimal rental rate
  • Recommend improvements and repairs to maximize potential monthly rent and provide a good return on investment
  • Discuss the pros and cons of different policies such as accepting pets, smoking, etc.
  • Install a lockbox

Your Palo Alto Rental Marketing

  • Clean and prepare your house for showing, ensuring the property is safe and in good repair
  • Provide professional photography and property write-up
  • Employ custom-targeted marketing strategies in all available outlets
  • 200+ rental listing websites
  • Social media marketing
  • Signs, flyers, e-flyers, and print publications
  • Local realtors
  • Partnered with Google, Apple, eBay, etc. to ensure access to high-quality tenants
  • Meet and show your property to prospective applicants seven days a week.
  • Provide prospective tenants with thorough, legally compliant rental applications

Tenant Application Process for Your Palo Alto Rental

  • Thoroughly screen every prospective tenant
  • Perform a background check to verify identity
  • Run a credit check to verify income and rental history
  • Contact landlord, employer, and other references
  • Notify you of all applicants and include you in the decision-making process

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Move-In Inspection

  • Draw up a legally binding leasing agreement with agreed move-in date
  • Continue to market until deposit is received at the office
  • Review lease guidelines with tenant regarding rental payment terms, required property maintenance, etc.
  • Grant access to Tenant Portal website.
  • Ensure all agreements have been properly executed
  • Perform detailed property inspection with tenant and have tenant sign a Statement of Condition
  • Collect first month’s rent and proof of renters insurance at move-in if not yet received.

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Rent Collection

  • Receive rents by due date
  • Follow up with late payments
  • Send out pay or quit notices
  • Enforce late fees

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Inspections

  • Perform annual safety inspection (inside and outside) on a predefined schedule.
  • Report to owner all repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations, etc.

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Accounting

  • Provide property management accounting services
  • Make payments on behalf of owner (mortgage, insurance, HOA dues, etc.)
  • Document all expenses via invoices and receipts
  • Maintain all historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.)
  • Provide annual reporting structured for tax purposes, as well as required tax documents including 1099 tax reporting form
  • Advise on relevant tax deductions related to your rental property
  • Provide easy-to-read monthly cash-flow statements with detailed income and itemized expenses

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Maintenance

  • Maintain and monitor a 24-hour emergency repair hot-line
  • Establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs
  • Prepare preliminary cost estimates
  • Provide recommendations to maximize rental income
  • Provide a network of licensed, bonded and fully insured contractors vetted for good pricing and good work that is up to code.
  • Get multiple independent bids for larger projects
  • Assign jobs to in-house employees, handyman or professional contractor based on who will do the best job for the best price.
  • Act as general contractor overseeing the work
  • Manage larger renovation or rehab projects
  • Contract for gardening service

Your Palo Alto Rental Management Move-Out Inspections

  • Inspect unit and report on property condition after move-out
  • Provide owner and tenant with condition report including estimated damages
  • Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant
  • Forward owner’s portion of tenant deposit or hold in owner reserves for repairs
  • Clean unit and perform any needed repairs or upgrades
  • Re-key the locks
  • Put the property back on the market for rent

City of Palo Alto

Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is a home to famous technology companies, including Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Google, Tesla, and many others. The city benefits from its proximity to one of the world’s leading Stanford University.

Homes in South Los Altos are significantly less expensive than North Los Altos, but typical prices are still well over $1 million. According to, In February 2016, Median Listing Price in Palo Alto is $1.9 Million and price per square foot is $1,000. These expensive markets are driven by the tech boom and concentrated around the high-tech industry which has remained strong throughout the recession.

According to Santa Clara county records ,the average monthly home ownership costs for owners with a mortgage in Palo Alto is $4, which is higher than the nation as a whole. The average monthly rent in Palo Alto is $1,947, which is higher than the U.S. Approximately 14,529 housing units are owner-occupied. About 64.4% of owners and 57.5% of renters pay less than 30% of their income toward housing expenses, a measure of affordability. Owners make up 52.3% of housing units. 42.1% of the housing units are occupied by renters. 78.0% of homes in Palo Alto were built after 1990. 53.2% of all housing units in Palo Alto have three bedrooms or more.

Palo Alto, with its exciting opportunities for business and pleasure, historic neighborhoods, a great shopping district, variety of cultural attractions, and convenient location, has become one of the best places in the United States to live and invest in real estate.

With our offices located in Palo Alto, we will make sure that you are taken care of with all of your investment and leasing needs. What sets us apart from others who also provides Palo Alto Property Management services is our ability to always exceed your expectations through integrity and dedication. Intempus is committed to your satisfaction. We provide everything from professional marketing with HDR photography and a wide array of syndicated web partners, to our very own in-house maintenance team and network of trusted vendors.

We understand what it takes to exceed our client’s expectations and can offer guidance and advice through the property management experience.


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