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New Businesses Continue to Open in San Jose

Posted by Admin on February 21, 2018
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New Businesses Continue to Open and Flourish in a Fast-Paced and Changing San Jose

San Jose continues to be a thriving city to buy a home. The community and City of San Jose is committed to creating prosperity for people and companies while enhancing culture. The recent storefront opening of Nox Cookie Bar is an inspiring example of the opportunity San Jose presents. Originally founded in 2015 by Nathan Pendleton Nox Cookie Bar was a delivery-only company on the mission to cure the late night sweet tooth. Nox Cookie bar gained popularity among SJSU students and late-night workers for its delicious sweets and convenient delivery. On January 31, 2018 the ribbon was cut and the brick and mortar location of Nox Cookie bar is officially open for business…

Nox Cookie Bar

151 South Second Street

San Jose, CA 95113

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Take Advantage of Endless Opportunity And Buy A San Jose Home

San Jose is the largest city within Silicon Valley. Many high-tech and Fortune 100 corporations call Silicon Valley home. In addition, many cutting edge startup companies call Silicon Valley home. Pendleton stepped away from a successful career in Silicon Valley technology to create Nox Cookie Bar. As a hard-working and passionate professional Pendleton was no rookie at deadline-driven, late night projects. The search for delicious, convenient, and comforting late night snacks to keep him going inspired the creation of Nox Cookie Bar. Who doesn’t love a classic, perfectly textured, and sweetened cookie with milk? In true Silicon Valley fashion Pendleton knew he had to get the product and business model perfected to be successful. And that’s just what he did.

Join San Jose’s Supportive Community

The San Jose Office of Economic Development (OED) plays an important role in supporting the success of people and businesses. Part of the OED’s role to guide and support the city’s economic strategy includes:

  • Support and assistance to help businesses flourish
  • Create opportunity and add value by connecting employers with trained workers
  • Offer cultural and art resources to community

Nox Cookie Bar is an accurate reflection of the support offered within the San Jose community. Small businesses require dedication from owners, staff, and the community. San Jose city staff assisted with opening Nox Cookie Bar quickly and providing help in any way. Their commitment to helping small businesses in the community may contribute to higher success rates for everyone.

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Intempus Realty is committed to sharing information to help others make profitable and educated real estate decisions. We value and participate in the devotion San Jose City offers to ensure the success of others. The support has allowed meaningful business to flourish and help others such as Nox Cookie Bar and Intempus Realty. Whether you are just starting the home buying process, ready to buy, or simply want to gather information Intempus is here to help.

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