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Hayward Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 15, 2024
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Are you looking for a top-quality real estate brokerage company in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide all your Hayward property management needs? Look no further than Intempus Realty.

We’re a full-coverage firm with customizable services for all types of property owners. Our highly-experienced team has been servicing the area for years, and as local experts, you can trust that you’ll be worry-free as we handle all the highs and lows of property management for your investment.

Our Property Management Services Include…

  • A property evaluation, where we determine your target rental rate
  • Directed marketing to get the right tenants into your property
  • Management of the entirety of tenant processes, including application, move-in, and move-out practices
  • Rent collection and accounting services for your property
  • Scheduling and supervision of annual inspections
  • All aspects of maintenance and repair services

What Happens at a Hayward Property Evaluation?

Your property evaluation can provide some exciting insight for your investment. We’ll meet you at your property, where we will inspect the indoors and outdoors. We’ll give you tips for improvement that will provide you with the biggest return, and we’ll talk about your financial goals for the property. We’ll set a target rental rate, and talk about any guidelines you’d like to implement for your tenants, like pet policies, etc. We’ll also install a lockbox, so we can ensure safe access throughout the time of our partnership.

How is Marketing Handled for Your Hayward Rental?

We’re always seeking to get you the highest quality tenants. To do that, we start by cleaning the property from top to bottom, and handling any leftover repairs that may scare renters away. Afterwards, we take professional photographs highlighting the beauty of your property, and include that, along with a detailed property write-up, in your marketing package. We then spread the materials far and wide, on over 200 rental websites, through social media, and also traditional advertising methods, like real estate publications. Additionally, we’ve developed special relationships with top tech companies in the area, and local real estate agents love to work with us because they know their clients will love Intempus-managed properties.

We’re available to show your property every single day, and we always have a thorough application on hand, ready to be filled out by every potential tenant.

We continue marketing your property until a security deposit has been dropped off at our office.

What About the Application Process for Your Hayward Rental?

We investigate every applicant to ensure your property is fully protected. We run a background check, a credit check, and we contact the applicant’s landlord, employer, and any other provided references. After developing a package for each applicant, we deliver the information to you so you can make a primed, final decision.

After the Decision is Made, What’s Next for Your Hayward Rental?

It’s time for your tenant to move in. Before that can happen, there’s a lot to do! We draw up a binding lease agreement, and discuss all property guidelines with the tenant while they sign the document. We’ll accept the first rent payment. We also double-check the status of your tenant’s renters’ insurance. We give your tenant access to the Tenant Portal website, and then we accompany the tenant to the property. Once there, we thoroughly review the property and create a Statement of Condition, which the tenant will sign.

What About the Financials for Your Hayward Rental?

We handle that. We ensure rent is collected by the due date. Tenants who are behind on rent will be contacted to determine a plan for them to get up-to-date. When applicable, we enforce late fees. Whenever necessary, we send out pay or quit notices.

In addition to collecting rents, we also handle your payments connected to the property. So, we’ll ensure your mortgage, HOA, and insurance is in good standing at all times. Throughout your partnership with us, we keep detailed records of all transactions, and provide you with easy-to-read documents of your financial records at steady intervals throughout the year.

During tax season, we provide you with the forms you need to file, and give you tips for deductions that will apply to your property.

What if Something Goes Wrong for Your Hayward Rental?

We handle that, too. But, first, let’s back up. We try to prevent emergencies by placing measures that protect your property. Each year, we thoroughly inspect the entirety of your property – providing you with any details that need to be addressed, like safety or code violations, or suggested repairs.

Additionally, we create a detailed maintenance plan from the very beginning of our partnership. We review your property and suggest a calendar of preventative maintenance.

However, emergencies do happen, so we host a 24-hour emergency repair line, so your property and tenants are always attended to.

Whenever repairs are necessary, we work with our network of trusted professionals and our in-house maintenance team. We do our best to provide a detailed estimate before any work begins, and we supervise all repairs, acting as a general contractor.

What Happens When it’s Time for Your Tenant to Leave Your Hayward Rental?

When a lease comes to an end, we handle the entire move-out process. We start with a thorough inspection of the property, noting any repairs that need to be made. We provide you and the tenant with a detailed condition report, and an estimate of any damages. We give the security deposit, minus any repair fees, back to the tenant, and help you determine how to use the remaining portion to fix up your property.

We then go through the unit, thoroughly cleaning and making repairs, to get it ready for the next tenant. On the way out, we re-key the locks, and then it’s time to start the process again.


Hayward is home to a diverse population, and is growing to be one of the more desirable areas as the city flourishes into the future. It’s relatively affordable median home prices make it a popular area for families and young professionals seeking to live in the area. In addition to offering tons of entertainment options, Hayward features thousands of acres of park land, and is blessed with a stunning shoreline.

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