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Ceiling Redos Add Interest and Excitement

Posted by Admin on July 20, 2016
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Ceiling Redos Add Interest and Excitement

It’s funny how the ceiling can be a much ignored part of a room. Yet every time we walk into a room we are very aware of how fabulous or how dull the ceiling is. That’s why a major room makeover must always include plans for the ceiling. A great ceiling does wonders for a room, and there are all kinds of ways to spiff up a ceiling with style. What has to be considered is what kind of ceiling you are starting with, and whether or not you want to hire a contractor or take on the job yourself.

Whether you own a home or are renting, (from companies like San Jose Houses For Rent), ceiling redos add interest and excitement and  is a very doable upgrade that will add to the enjoyment of your home.

The Dreaded Popcorn Ceiling

Some ceilings, like “popcorn” ceilings or a textured plaster ceiling can be incredibly labor intensive to remove. So, give some good hard thought to how much of a workout you want your arms and neck to get before you take on a DIY job on a popcorn ceiling.

Stay Integrated

Also remember that the ceiling is part of the rest of the room, so a new ceiling design must integrate with an overall design scheme. A dark ceiling will make a space smaller, and some very busy designs will get lost up there on the ceiling. The smartest advice is to plan your design in advance with photos and drawings, before committing to a new look full-on.

Exciting New Ideas For Beautiful Ceilings

There are lots of great ways to go for a ceiling redo, and some are easier than others. Here are a few of our favorite new design ideas for ceilings.

  1. Get Shiny

A shiny ceiling can be achieved by painting it in metallic look gold or silver paint, or by applying metallic wallpaper sheets. It’s an unusual look but it can add to the feeling of space and add a lot of allure. Metallic paint looks great set off against bold color, so this ceiling idea could kick off a major room color redo.

  1. Go Bold

A bold color on the ceiling adds lots of “pop” and excitement to a room. A bold orangey-red or periwinkle blue on the ceiling looks fabulous with cream colored walls. Add antique or modern furniture to finish the room, as either will look great.

  1. Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceiling tiles are a fabulous antique look that is very rustic and charming. Now there are stores that sell tiles with a tin tile look that are easy to install. They look fantastic and are much easier to maintain than the real deal.

  1. Woody Ceilings

Yes, wood floors are glowing, natural and beautiful, but what about a wood ceiling? Reclaimed wood on the ceiling is a new trend that has plenty of charm. The more raw and rustic the wood, the better!

  1. Whiter than White

A white ceiling paired with darker walls creates a feeling of height in a smaller room. This illusion is easy to pull off with a few coats of paint, and it can do wonders for the feel of a room.

Cover Up an Industrial Look With Black Paint

Some rooms, like a basement, can have ceilings that are very hard to remodel. One approach to a ceiling that has exposed pipes or industrial tubing is simply to spray paint the whole area in black paint. It’s an easy solution and also a rather bold one. Set against a room that has clean white walls, a black ceiling gives an attractive “industrial” or “urban pub” look to a once plain, everyday type of room. Why not get bold? All it takes is a little spray paint and some elbow grease to make a vibrant transformation.

Are you ready to take on the ceiling redo challenge? There’s no question that the ceiling can be uncharted country in a home, whether or not you own it or are renting from a reputable company like San Jose Property Management. Yet the truth is that sometimes those uncharted places offer the finest rewards. Explore these innovative ceiling ideas and see what works best for your home. Happy remodeling!

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