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Cambrian Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 14, 2024
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We’re proud of our reputation around the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re known as one of the top real estate brokerage companies specializing in Cambrian Property Management. Our team of knowledgeable property management professionals are always ready to provide high-caliber property management services for your Cambrian investment property.

Our property management services are tailored to fit your unique needs, whether you’re an investor, a landlord, or a homeowner. Our mission is to take all the headaches out of property management, allowing you to relax without worry over your precious investment.

What do Cambrian Rental Property Managers Do?

We work with you in order to get the most out of your property. First, we meet at your unit to assess it and calculate a target rate for your rental income. Then, we seek out the highest quality tenants using our proven marketing methods. We oversee the entire application process, supervise move-in and out in order to protect your investment, and collect rent from the tenant. Additionally, we manage all safety inspections and maintenance services. Finally, we make accounting a breeze by offering it as part of your property management package.

Cambrian Rental Property Evaluation

To get started, an Intempus Realty representative will meet you at your property in order to assess the home, and to talk to you about your financial goals. At this time, we will make suggestions for what improvements or repairs will get you the best return on your investment. We’ll also go over the policies you’d like to implement. Would you like to allow pets? Do you want your property to be smoke free? We’ll take note and ensure they are part of any rental agreements. At this time, we also install a lock box for security and efficiency during the rental process.

Cambrian Rental Property Marketing

To get your home ready for showings and the production of marketing materials, our team will clean and fix any leftover issues that may dissuade renters. Then, a skilled photographer photographs your property, and we create a professional write-up to use in all advertising. Our targeted marketing practices engage the highest quality rental candidates. We submit your listing to over 200 rental websites, blast it on the web through social marketing, and use traditional methods like signs, flyers, and print publications as sources. Our most trusted source lies in local realtors who are always happy to bring their clients to see Intempus-managed proeprties.

We make ourselves available for showings seven days a week. We vet potential tenants using a legally compliant application.

Tenant Application Process for Your Cambrian Rental Property

Every tenant is scrutinized through our thorough screening process, which includes background, credit, and reference checks. You are a part of the process, and you will be notified of all applicants so you can make the final decision.

Move-In for Your Cambrian Rental Property

Once a tenant is selected, we draw up a legally binding lease agreement. Of course, we’ll keep marketing your property until we have the deposit. We’ll sit with the tenant and go over all the terms of the agreement, including the payment terms and maintenance schedules. At this meeting, we’ll give your new tenant access to the Tenant Portal website. We take hold of the first month’s rent, and seek proof of renters’ insurance at this time. After double-checking the paperwork, we’ll bring the tenant to the property for one last property inspection so the tenant can sign a Statement of Condition.

Rent Collection for Your Cambrian Rental Property

We receive all rents on the due date as determined by the rental agreement. Once the stated date has passed, we contact residents who are late. When necessary, we deliver pay or quit notices, and process late fees.

Inspections for Your Cambrian Rental Property

Each year we perform a full inspection to your home, inside and out. These are scheduled in advance. Afterwards, we give you a full report of any repair requirements, safety issues, code violations, etc.

Accounting for Your Cambrian Rental Property

We take care of all your property management accounting needs. We make all payments on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about missing an HOA, mortgage, or insurance payment). We keep track of all expenses, and keep detailed records of all incoming funds. We make tax season easy by providing you with all the necessary paperwork, and offering advice on beneficial tax deductions you can take advantage of.  Each month, you’ll get access to a full report detailing all income and expenditures.

Maintenance for Your Cambrian Rental Property

We offer a 24-hour repair hotline so emergencies are always handled in a timely manner. To avoid them to begin with, we implement a preventative maintenance plan to deal with repairs before they become a bigger problem. We do our best to provide cost estimates before getting to work. We work with a trusted network of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors who offer great value and stunning craftsmanship. For larger projects, we’ll talk to multiple contractors in order to choose the most cost-effective bid. Whenever possible, we use our in-house staff to lower the charges you receive. Whenever work is being done, we oversee every aspect, ensuring it’s done right the first time.

We will also give you recommendations for improvements, like utilizing a gardening service) that can be made to get the most out of your rental.

Move-Out for Your Cambrian Rental Property

We’ll do a walk-through of the unit, comparing its condition to the move-in report. Afterwards, we’ll provide both you and the tenant with a new report detailing any damages and estimates for repair. We will then return the remaining portion of the security deposit, and provide you with the leftover funds to be used on repairs. We’ll handle any cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done, and re-key the locks, before starting the process all over again.


Cambrian is a solidly middle class community, the perfect choice for Silicon Valley employees with families.  Most of the housing was constructed in the 50s through the 70s in the typical ranch style.  Neighborhoods are characterized by broad streets and expansive lawns in front of the well-spaced homes.  The commercial district offers restaurants and specialty shopping as well as the ubiquitous malls. The school district is well-regarded, with the two high schools considered to be among the top in the state.

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