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Bay Area Property Management

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2022
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Here at Intempus we specialize in offering full service Bay Area property management that lets you sit back and profit from your rental investment, while we take care of all the responsibilities that come with owning Bay Area rental property.

Once you place your Bay area property management needs in our hands you can have confidence in knowing that your risks are now minimized. You can expect us to give the same care and concern to your property as you would.

Intempus is made up of a highly skilled team of experienced, educated and totally dedicated property managers that each possess their own areas of expertise.

Intempus Bay Area Property Management Services

Our services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week and  include:

  • Consultations for Your Bay Area Rental Property

We consult with you to discuss our property evaluation and determine your wants and needs when it comes to maximizing the return on your property.

  • Marketing for Your Bay Area Rental Property

Our highly qualified marketing professionals ensure that the rental space is in prime condition for tenants. Then following this our experts design a marketing plan along with the necessary materials to draw the attention of the right clients.

  • Reviewing and screening for Your Bay Area Rental Property applicants:

We ensure that credit checks are completed and validation of referrals is done.

  • Move-In Inspection of Your Bay Area Rental Property

We take on the responsibility of ensuring that the rental units are in good condition and ready for tenancy.

  • Regular Inspections for Your Bay Area Rental Property

Adhering to the regulations we carry out annual inspections focusing on the key areas of safety, repair needs, and any code or tenancy violations.

  • Hiring, Training, and Supervising Personnel for Your Bay Area Rental Property

Our highly trained staff will look after hiring the necessary staff as well as training

them and providing ongoing supervision.

  • Preparing Leases and Rent Increase Notifications for Your Bay Area Rental Property

We have the legal expertise necessary to prepare the leases. When rent increases we tend to this and see that tenants are properly notified and that they comply.

  • Rent Collection for Your Bay Area Rental Property

We stay on top of rent collection and past due notifications.

  • Reporting for Your Bay Area Rental Property

As part of our Bay area property management services we maintain all the necessary records and provide you with detailed monthly financial reports.

  • Contracting services for Your Bay Area Rental Property

We have a full list of reputable and affordable suppliers and contractors that we utilize as needed.

  • Regulation adherence for Your Bay Area Rental Property

We are fully versed on all local, state and federal regulations and we abide by each of these for your protection as well as the tenants.


What Makes Us The Best Choice as Your Bay Area Property Managers?

Not only do all of the inclusions in our service set us apart from other property managers but so does the quality of care and commitments that we make when providing you with property management services for the Bay area.

We believe as your representative that in order to find and retain the best rental clients for you that we must be equally dedicated to their needs. It is through our attention to detail, and being available to tenants as needed that allows us to be serve your needs.





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