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Bascom Property Management

Posted by Admin on February 28, 2024
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City hall stands watch over the rest of San Jose

With over ten years of property management experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team of professionals at Intempus Realty offer a variety of services real estate services, including Bascom Property Management. If you have a Bascom investment property, you can trust the experts at Intempus Realty to p

Homeowners, landlords, and investors alike will appreciate the range of services we offer that allow you to customize your account to get the maximum gain out of your investment. We know the area, and we know property management. It’s always our mission to keep your investment safe and lucrative, ensuring continuous income for you.

Our Bascom Property Management Specialists Will…

  • Appraise your property to conclude the market rental rate for your investment.
  • Utilize proven marketing tools in order to attract topnotch tenants.
  • Oversee the entire application process.
  • Manage the move-in and move-out process.
  • Collect rents.
  • Track, schedule, and oversee all inspections.
  • Provide accounting services.
  • Contract and supervise all maintenance services.

At Your Bascom Rental Evaluation, We Will…

  • Join you at the property, so you can convey your goals.
  • Make suggestions for improvements that will provide the best return on your investment.
  • Consider the policies you’d like to implement in regard to the property, like accepting pets and smoking.
  • Install a lock box to keep your investment secure, yet accessible.

To Market Your Bascom Rental, We Will…

  • Clean your house in preparation for showings.
  • Utilize a professional writer and photographer to complete a marketing package that sells itself.
  • Employ proven strategies to target the specific demographics that are seeking your unique property.
  • Submit your listing to over 200 rental listing sites.
  • Utilize the power of social media in order to create a buzz.
  • Go old school, with signs, flyers, e-flyers, and print publications in order to reach the widest audience.
  • Contact local realtors who will be interested in sharing your property with their clients.
  • Show your property to interested parties any day of the week.
  • Provide a legally compliant rental application to all prospective tenants.

During the Tenant Application Process for Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Meticulously screen every potential tenant.
  • Perform a background check.
  • Run a credit check to corroborate salary and rental record.
  • Contact all references.
  • Discuss tenant applicants with you, since you always have the final decision.

When a Tenant Moves Into Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Create a lease agreement with the agreed upon details, like move-in date, included.
  • Continue our marketing efforts until the deposit is in hand.
  • Summarize the lease policies with the tenant, including payment terms maintenance processes, etc.
  • Assign the tenant with login information for the Tenant Portal website.
  • Double check every piece of paperwork has been accurately completed.
  • Execute a property inspection alongside the tenant, and create a Statement of Condition for the tenant to sign.
  • Ensure the tenant has proof of renters’ insurance, and collect the first rent payment.

To Collect Rent for Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Intake all payments by the due date specified on the lease agreement.
  • Contact renters who are late on payments.
  • Deliver pay or quit warnings.
  • Administer late fees.

When an Inspection is Required for Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Perform a safety inspection each year to the inside and outside of your property.
  • Convey all details to you, the owner, including recommended and required repairs, code violations, etc.

To Offer Accounting Services for Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Make payments, like HOA fees, insurance fees, etc., on behalf of the owner.
  • Keep careful documentation of all invoices and receipts.
  • Maintain a detailed record of any and all transactions related to the property.
  • Provide an annual report so filing your taxes is easy, including forms like the required 1099.
  • Give advice in regard to tax breaks you qualify for in relation to your property.
  • Deliver monthly statements so you can easily track income and expenses.

When Your Bascom Rental Needs Maintenance, We…

  • Host a 24-hour emergency repair hotline.
  • Create a written preventative maintenance policy and plan to stay atop of maintenance needs.
  • Offer cost estimates for all projects.
  • Recommend options that can maximize your income potential.
  • Curate a network of licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.
  • Collect bids from multiple vendors for larger projects.
  • Assign jobs to trusted in-house employees whenever possible.
  • Act as a general contractor, to oversee all work done on the property.

When a Tenant is Ready to Move Into Your Bascom Rental, We…

  • Inspect the unit in order to evaluate property condition.
  • Update the condition report, including estimates for any damages, and relay copies to both you, the owner, and the tenant.
  • Return the security deposit to the tenant, minus any fees.
  • Hold owner’s portion of security deposit in an account to be distributed for repairs, or give it to the owner.
  • Clean the unit, perform needed repairs, upgrade as required.
  • Re-key the locks.
  • And the cycle begins again!


Bascom prides itself on its residents’ cultural interests and refined tastes.  It attracts patrons of the arts and theater who enjoy weekend boutique shopping and appreciate a finely-aged wine with dinner. It is an excellent choice for urban sophisticates and highly educated executives. Many of the small to medium sized homes and apartment complexes are well-established, built in the 40s through the 70s. Most of the working population is in professional, executive and management positions.

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