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8 Essential Exterior Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value

Posted by Admin on June 26, 2024
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As the first thing buyers will notice when examining your property, the importance of the home’s exterior cannot be understated. Poor curb appeal can be the reason that an otherwise spectacular house does not get a fair shake on the market. Therefore, it is essential to get your home’s exterior right. Keep reading as we explore 8 essential exterior upgrades that are sure to boost your home’s value.

  1. Deck Addition

A deck addition is always a top project in terms of ROI. It is particularly impactful in California, where the views are breathtaking. Composite decks are popular for their low maintenance features. They do not require painting and will not absorb moisture. Splintering is not a concern. Particularly important in the California market is the improved fire resistance over traditional wood decks. When building a composite deck, be sure to find a low-profile exterior handrail system that promotes safety without encumbering views.

  1. Garage Door Replacement

Every year, a garage door replacement is one of the most lucrative renovations a homeowner can perform. According to the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value Report for 2024, a garage door replacement returned an astounding 250% of project costs in the Pacific region. This easily topped the list of most value-adding renovations. A new garage door immediately boosts aesthetics, improves energy efficiency, and promotes safety–all features that buyers are willing to pay a premium for.

  1. Roof Upgrade

Roofing is a key component of any home. It is magnified in California, where substandard roofs are making home insurance unaffordable or completely unobtainable. Replacing worn asphalt shingles and wooden shakes with more fire-resistant roofing will go a long way toward making the home more insurable. In turn, property value will rise. Some outstanding materials for an upgrade are composite shingles, metal, and slate.

  1. New Windows

New windows give a home an immediate boost of style and elegance. Even if everything else on the home is worn, sparkling windows give the property vivacity. With that said, quality windows do more than enhance curb appeal. They are an essential component of creating an energy efficient structure. Improved optical clarity promotes increased sunlight transmission. This reduces the need for artificial lighting sources. Top-notch windows also prevent air transfer through the building envelope, improving the property’s energy efficiency.

  1. Transitional Spaces

People are prioritizing transitional interior/exterior spaces. This helps complete the biophilic design principle and make residents feel more in touch with nature. There are several ways to blur transitions between the interior and exterior. Glass walls and sliding pocket doors enhance natural light flow. Stone accents provide an earthy aspect. Using a rustic 12×12 outdoor tile on both interior and exterior floors can seamlessly integrate space. Strategically placed plants can provide further connection within the area.

  1. Modernized Siding

Traditional siding options, such as brick and wood plank, look great when new. However, they require a lot of work. Brick must be sealed regularly to prevent moisture absorption. Likewise, wood must be painted or stained at least every other year to maintain performance. As a result, modern siding options, such as steel log and fiber cement, are increasingly trendy for their low maintenance and high durability. They come in a number of attractive colors and designs that can ensure the home’s aesthetics with minimal intervention required.

  1. Pergola

The most stunning outdoor areas have little utility without shade. This makes a pergola addition an instant game-changer. Whether it be a deck, patio, pool deck, or any other outdoor space, a pergola provides the all-important UV protection that makes these areas more comfortable. Many modern pergola kits are easy to assemble. They can be completed in as little as a day. In addition to its weather protection, pergolas provide a key element of visual intrigue that helps tie together outdoor spaces.

  1. Gravel Surfaces

Concrete sidewalks hold an iconic place in suburban America. They go well with the traditional manicured lawn and white picket fence image of a home’s exterior. However, as this image evolves to better suit the modern home, so too does the exterior landscaping. Concrete surfaces have some major durability concerns. Substrate erosion can cause them to crack and buckle. They are susceptible to stains from food and car fluids. Gravel surfaces have emerged as a challenger in the realm of gravel driveways, sidewalks, and patio floors. Held in place with durable paver grids in the substrate, the elite permeability of gravel ensures that runoff causes it no harm. It is impossible to crack or buckle a gravel surface. If any section becomes a bit discolored, switching out the affected area is a quick fix.

Boost Home Value Today with Strategic Exterior Upgrades

The home’s exterior serves the purpose of creating the all-important first impression. By considering any of the 8 exterior renovations listed above, you give your property the best chance of standing out in a competitive market. If you’re a California property owner looking for more ideas on trending renovations to boost home value, contact InTempus Property Management for the leading insights in the California market.


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